Wire coating line

Wire coating line is machine for coating low carbon galvanized steel wire by polyethylene or PVC sheath. Its role is to further protect the final product from atmospheric influences, as well as to further improve the wire mesh, giving it the ability to be made in several colors. This produces better competitiveness, as well as further fulfillment of the specific requirements of customers, which are increasingly demanding.

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Wire coating line consists of the following elements:

1. Wire take up with rollers

Wire take up with rollers for straightening the wire, while its sensor stops the line if the wire jams. Wire coating line is fully automatic with a minimal participation of the operator, so, while the line is working, an operator may perform other tasks, such as the operating other machine e.g. for making wire mesh. As mentioned before, if the wire jams, the machine will automatically stop until the operator fixes the problem and resets the line. Rollers for wire straightening are also used to carry out the tightening and flattening of the wire before it enters the extruder head.

2. Extruder for plasticization

Extruder for plasticization has the following major components: 5.5 kW drive motor with corresponding reduction gear, screw and cylinder (diameter ɸ40mm length 1200mm), five heaters of total power of 8kW, head for lamination with interchangeable pins and bushings. The construction of the extruder is made robust and designed to operate non-stop, ie. for continuous work 24 hours a day. As with any extruder, the largest energy losses are during the start-up and shutdown, so the greatest productivity is achieved if it runs continuously. Practice has shown that our extruder very well performed in highly loaded conditions, during continuous operation over a period of 120 days.

3. Electrical cabinet

Electrical cabinet is equipped with adequate temperature and frequency regulators which control the speed (RPM) of the extruder as well as the speed of winder, which in return adjusts the speed of operation of production line and the thickness of the polymer coating on the wire.

Turning the heater ON is performed via the SSR relays that perform heater activation in soft contact, without sudden power surges in electrical network. This ensures a longer service life of heaters and finer control of the set temperature, which influences the quality of the final product. Frequency regulators continuously adjust engine angular speed and have a protective role (protect motors from overload).

4. Stainless steel cooling bath

Stainless steel cooling bath consists of 500 liters water tank and delivery pump. On the bath, there are installed thermometer and level gauge, so that at any time, the level and temperature of the water in the tank are under control.

5. Wire coiler

Wire coiler has two interchangeable mandrels. These mandrels can be changed without stopping the line, so the production process is very simple and continual. Every mandrel has a special trolley with wheels which enables easy and simple replacement. It is possible to order additional mandrels for the coiler which prevents later repacking of wires, as it is possible to install mandrel from coiler directly to the wire mesh machine. Soft packaging makes it easier for the wire coil to unwind and less tangling problems while knitting. Also the coil can be easily divided into smaller parts for resale (such as tensile wire that has a larger diameter and that always goes with the wire mesh).

General specifications of the Wire coating line:

  • Screw diameter: Ø40
  • L/D ratio: 28
  • Nitrated layer depth: 0,5-0,6 mm
  • Nitrated layer hardness: 58-65 HRC
  • Heating Zone: 3+2 (cilindar + T glava)
  • Power heater: 3x2kW, 1x1,6kW, 1x0,5kW
  • Heating zones: 5
  • Extruder drive unit: AC motor, power 5.5 kW, connected to the corresponding reduction gear, speed control by frequency inverter
  • Winder drive unit: AC motor , power 1.5 kW, connected to the corresponding reduction gear, speed control by frequency inverter
  • Wire dimensions: Ø1,6 mm- Ø2,7mm
  • Coating thickness: 0,4mm-1mm
  • Capacity: max 120kg/h
  • Material: HDPE, PVC
  • Installed power: 16kW
  • Average consumption: 12kWh
  • Supply voltage: 3x380V

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