Tube coating line TPEX-040

Tube coating line consists of the following components:

  • 1. Reception table
  • 2. Transporting device
  • 3. Extruder with "T" head
  • 4. Tube cooling device
  • 5. Electrical cabinet


Detailed specifications:

1. Reception table

Reception table is 6m in length and has a height-adjustable wheels. It serves as a tube stock. From a reception table tube travels via the wheels to the transport device.

Structure: welded steel frame with wheels, height-adjustable.

2. Transporting device

Transporting device contains three pairs of adjustable rollers that accept a tube and move it continuously through the extruder head for coating. The device is driven by the AC motor, power of 0,75kW, with an appropriate reduction gear unit and adjustable speed controlled by frequency regulator.

Structure: massive frame with 3 pairs of rollers independently adjustable.

3. Extruder with "T" head

Extruder is a major part of the coating line and its function is to provide a constant pressure of the molten material, so that the final dimensions of plastic-tube is constant and uninterrupted. The screw and cylinder are made of high quality steel alloy with a wear resistant nitrating coating. Centre between the tubes and the head can be adjusted by four independent screws.

Structure: welded steel frame with protective covers from galvanized and stainless steel sheets.

  • Screw diameter: Ø40
  • L/D ratio: 28
  • Nitrated layer depth: 0,5-0,6 mm
  • Nitrated layer hardness: 58-65 HRC
  • Heating Zone: 3+2 (cylinder + "T" head)
  • Heater power: 3x2kW, 1x2,5kW, 1x0,5kW
  • Drive unit: AC motor, power 5.5kW associated with an appropriate reduction gear, speed control by frequency inverter

4. Tube cooling device

Stainless steel tube length 1m, diameter ɸ140mm, through which are installed nozzles for cooling.

Srtucture: welded steel construction

Water tank: 200l
Circulation pump: 160W

5. Electrical cabinet

Designed to support all manual and automatic functions of the chain link fence machine.

Structure: Industrial modular enclosure , degree of protection IP55
Temperature control: 5 PID thermoregulator with appropriate temperature probes and SSR relays.
Speed control: 2 frequency inverters, one for extruder and one for the transport device

General specifications:

  • Tube diameter: Ø40
  • Coating thickness: 1mm-2mm
  • Capacity: 200m/h
  • Material: HDPE
  • Installed power: 18kW
  • Average consumption: 14kWh
  • Power supply: 3x380V

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