Chain link fence machine

Chain link fence machine CLFM 320 consists of the following components:

  • 1. Wire pay-off with straightening rollers
  • 2. Wire knitting tool
  • 3. Cutting mechanism
  • 4. Device for bending ends
  • 5. Mesh winder
  • 6. Electrical cabinet

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MSC 9632

Detailed specification:

1. Wire take up with straightening rollers

Wire pay-off is used for unwrapping wire from the coil and its correction before it enters the knitting tool. It includes box with five independent wheels for wire straightening. Arm with limit switch registers wrapped or excessive tightening of wire and stops the machine accordingly.

Structure: welded steel construction.

2. Wire knitting tool

adjusted electronically by the PLC. There are large channels in the tool for emulsion which lubricates the wire.

Drive unit: AC servo motor, power 3kW, speed and position controled by servo drive.

3. Cutting mechanism

After the formation of the desired wire segment, the cutting mechanism performs the cut. This cut includes formation of endings whose length can be adjusted by moving the entire cutting blade back and forward. The cutting blades are interchangeable and are made of tool steel 65 HRC resistant to abrasion.

Drive unit: AC motor, power 1.5 kW, associated with an appropriate reduction gear.

4. The device for bending ends

It consists of two independent systems, one for each side, whose positions can be adjusted independently. Before bending, the ends of the wire are flattened and straightened by fixed press that is adjusted according to the thickness and size of the wire cubes.

Drive unit: AC motor, power 250W, associated with an appropriate reduction gear.

5. Mesh winder

Coil winder comprises a lever to tighten the mesh and system of rollers and pulleys that perform mesh winding . It contains sensors and switches that control the winding process.

Drive unit: AC motor, power 0,55kW, associated with an appropriate reduction gear.

Structure: welded steel construction.

6. Electrical cabinet

Designed to support all manual and automatic functions of the chain link fence machine.

Structure: Industrial modular enclosure , degree of protection IP55.
Process control: PLC with color touch screen.

General specifications:

  • Wire diameter: Ø 1,8mm-3mm
  • Fence width: 0,5m-2m
  • Cube Size: 40x40, 50x50, 60x60cm, 70x70cm
  • Capacity: 70-120m2 /h (depending on the size of the cube)
  • Main drive spindle: AC servo motor 3kW
  • Installed power: 6kW
  • Supply voltage: 3x380V


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