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Eczema is an allergic reaction can have a variety of sources and causing itching, redness and swelling even more or less as well as vésicules Weeping.<br/>The Summer Dermatitis is a disease caused by a bite from an leading to the horse an allergic reaction in the mosquito mosquito's saliva. It is characterized by itching at the level of the natural, tails, shoulder and of the head, the Rump, and can become widely available to the body, until the infection when it touches the intensely.<br/>"00% SOFT POLYESTER FABRIC mesh shirt, opaque anti-eczéma prevents the passage of insects and offers your horse comfort and peace of mind. Opaque and absorbent, it transports perspiration away from the body and limits the passage of harmful UV rays to sensitive skin.<br/>Completely fit for body, it fully protects from the neck to the tail. It is equipped with adjustable legs at the base of the neck and adjustable elastic straps on the extremities (neck and leg post that are closed by clip PVC).<br/>A large removable hip belt Fully covers the belly. montante, it doubles the protection on the sides and fixed with clip and out the other side of the back. Elasticated and adjustable, it fits perfectly to the shape of your horse. Its position is maintained by clip-on attachment slides on the line of the back and a system of front and velcro fasteners, which solidarise strap with the shirt.<br/>Machine washable at 0 °C

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